Deck The Paws, Christmas Is Here!

Deck The Paws, Christmas Is Here!

The festive season is upon us and one of the biggest enjoyments at this time of year is the family gatherings and the rich wonderful flavoursome food. With all the business and extra visitors around, spare a thought for your cats and dogs who may not be used to the sudden increase in people and noise.

Stairgates can be a useful way to ease anxieties and provide a safe boundary for your pets if they are feeling unsettled and anxious.

Make sure visitors know the do’s and don’ts around your pets and it is especially important to be clear with children to be calm and to never approach your pooch when they are sleeping or eating.

Christmas Dinner For Your Dog

Some foods are safe to treat your pup to, we have created a list of some of the Christmas favourites so that they can also join in and enjoy their own mini-Christmas dinner:



Green Beans

Brussel Sprouts




On the flip side, there are foods to be extremely careful around as these can prove toxic to dogs


Christmas fruit cake






Chicken or Turkey Skin (too fatty)

Santa Paws Stopped Here

Another way to involve your darling furry friends in the fun is by treating them to some gifts too!

A Christmas hamper of healthy nutritious dog treats and meals from Simply Jasper’s

A matching leash, collar, and harness set

Cosy blankets and dog bed

A toiletries gift set, specially formulated for dogs.

Feeding Guide Calculator

We want to ensure your dog is getting the correct amount of our natural, nutritionally complete dog food, so they are able to maintain a balanced diet and keep a healthy lifestyle.

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