Next stop? Meal time!

Next stop? Meal time!

When switching to our food, we advise you to do it gradually by substituting a small amount of your dog's existing meal with Chester & Morley cold-pressed food. Over the course of two weeks, begin by mixing 5% of Chester & Morley with 95% of your existing food until your dog is only eating Chester & Morley cold-pressed food. We advise following these instructions for three weeks if your dog has a delicate digestive system. 

Weighing our cold-pressed dog food is important because each kibble is dense with nutrition, thus leading to what appears to be a small portion when compared to conventional kibble. Take care not to overfeed. 

Check out our feeding guide below. These amounts are provided only as a guide because requirements vary depending on a variety of factors, such as activity, age, and breed. 

We recommend that you feed your dog Chester and Morley cold-pressed twice daily. 

It is advisable that, from 1 month on, puppies be fed as much as their appetite will allow, four times daily. 

From 3 months old, puppies should be fed three times a day. 

From 6 months, puppies should be fed twice a day. 

It’s important to check your puppy’s weight regularly. 

Feeding Guide Calculator

We want to ensure your dog is getting the correct amount of our natural, nutritionally complete dog food, so they are able to maintain a balanced diet and keep a healthy lifestyle.

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