What is cold pressed dog food and what are the benefits?

What is cold pressed dog food and what are the benefits?

In recent times, there has been an upsurge in popularity for feeding dogs more naturally and true to their native diets. Raw food has become a new trend, offering the benefits of natural nutrition with no additives. However, the disadvantages of going raw can include the extra costs involved, the extra time required to prepare and clean, the risk of contagion, and a large amount of freezer space. 

What is cold-pressed dog food? 

Cold-pressed dog food is the closest natural alternative to raw; you can even feed it alongside a raw diet. Cold-pressing is the process of cooking food efficiently at low temperatures (40 degrees) without the need for steam or excessive heat. The ingredients are combined with cold water and then pressed under a low-heat treatment for a brief time. The lower temperatures ensure that essential nutrients are retained. 

What are the benefits? 

One of the major benefits of cold-pressed food is that it is much easier to digest, which is especially beneficial for dogs with sensitive digestion. Cold-pressed dog food releases essential nutrients slowly, and unlike standard kibble (which contains fillers and bulking agents), it breaks down from the outside in rather than expanding in the stomach, which helps prevent bloating. 

Because of the retention of nutrients and functional ingredients from the process, the natural aromas, flavours, and nutritional elements are preserved, making it more palatable for dogs with a low appetite, food intolerances, and nutritional needs. 

Cold-pressed oils help promote and support the immune system, a glossy coat, and overall wellbeing. 

What is the difference between kibble and cold-pressed food? 

Kibble is produced by a process called extrusion. The ingredients are first dried and formed into a dough before being steamed and heated to a high temperature of 100 degrees. A lot of moisture is then removed to ensure a longer shelf life, but this leads to a lack of flavour and a loss of nutritional value. This is combatted by spraying the kibble with animal fats, vitamins, and preservatives. When the food enters the stomach, it mixes with stomach acid and expands, causing the kibble to become thick and swollen, leading to bloating and discomfort. 

Chester & Morley Natural Nourishment 

Here at Chester & Morley, we have drawn on our years of experience in pet nutrition to create a delicious range of cold-pressed dog food. A great source of protein with a fine balance of vitamins A, D, and E, is cereal-free, and is suitable from 8 weeks to seniors. 

Chester and Morley come in a range of three flavours: 

It is easily palatable, helps support your dog’s immune system, and is high in protein. Chester & Morley provides a complete, delicious meal your finest friend will love. 

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We want to ensure your dog is getting the correct amount of our natural, nutritionally complete dog food, so they are able to maintain a balanced diet and keep a healthy lifestyle.

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