How To Creative A Pawsitive Halloween For Your Dog

How To Creative A Pawsitive Halloween For Your Dog

Halloween is an exciting time for us with trick-or-treaters eagerly ringing the doorbell in their spooktacular ghoulish costumes, generous buckets of sweets and chocolate on offer, and carved pumpkin lanterns and decorations around the home.

But take a moment to consider what effect this may have on one member of your family, in particular, your dog.

Scary costumes, strangers at the door, decorations, and potentially toxic treats falling into the wrong paws could mean that dogs can become overwhelmed, frightened, and at risk of harm.

We have put together some tips for keeping your four-legged friend safe at Halloween:

  • With the nights drawing in, and with trick-or-treaters mingling around the neighbourhood it is a good idea to walk your dog earlier to avoid any unwanted encounters and ensure your dog is relaxed and calmer in the evening.


  • If the doorbell ringing all evening is likely to cause your furry friend to be reactive and on high alert you can make a sign stating not to ring the bell due to a nervous dog and leave a bowl of treats at the end of your drive or outside your home instead.


  • Although tempting, most animals are uncomfortable with being dressed up in restrictive costumes


  • If it is a noisy evening, you could consider making a cosy secluded area in your home for your dog by using blankets to create a peaceful sanctuary for them to retreat to.


  • Keep pumpkin lanterns, candles, and hazardous decorations far out of reach from your pets to avoid fire, injury, and choking risks.


  • If you are planning on some Halloween treats for you and the family, be mindful that sweets and chocolate and extremely toxic to dogs. A lot of candy contains xylitol which even in tiny doses is poisonous. Chocolate contains a deadly chemical called theobromine and dark chocolate contains the highest concentration.


  • Make sure your microchip ID and contact details are up to date and doors are secure if you are opening the front door on Halloween as a spooked pooch could bolt and go missing.


  • If you think your dog has eaten something they shouldn’t or you are worried about their well-being contact your vet immediately for advice.

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